Located in the gorgeous western Ohio, Dayton is widely known as the birthplace of Aviation. Once a home to the famous Wright brother, Dayton successfully lives up to its reputation with several notable landmarks, for instance:

  1. Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park
  2. National Museum of the U.S. Air Force
  3. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  4. Hawthorn Hill—the Wright family mansion





In addition to this rich history in aviation, Dayton also touts a wide-ranging array of different recreational opportunities. The stunning city’s Five Rivers Metro Parks offers more than 16,000 acres of lush green spaces, which helps make Dayton the “Outdoor Capital of the Midwest.” Dayton moreover also boasts more than three hundred and forty miles of perfectly paved trails, which is the largest network of paved trails in the country.

Apart from that Dayton also contain a bevy of modern facilities that include the following:

  1. Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center
  2. Fifth Third Field
  3. Dayton Convention Center
  4. Carillon Historical Park
  5. University of Dayton

Moving around Dayton is extremely easy with convenience to Interstate 75 and Interstate 70 as well as the International Airport.

The spectacular city of Dayton offers to residents both a revamped downtown area which offers exclusive activities and suburbs that offer close-knit and warm communities for a lot of people who call this region their home. As the hometown of the first flyers Orville and Wilbur Wright along with the Wright Patterson Air Force Base which is the sixth largest metro area rich in aviation history. Aviation enthusiasts are going to appreciate the:
1. Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park
2. The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force
3. The Wright Brothers National Memorial
All those who enjoy spending a lot of time in the open are going to find approximately twenty different metro parks and more than three hundred and thirty miles of paved biking trails. There are numerous historic neighborhoods plus districts, a bike share program, and around a dozen craft and microbreweries add to the Dayton’s jewels.

If you are living in Dayton, Ohio, driving is the best way to commute. It is extremely easy to find a place to park as there are numerous parking spaces available, and numerous properties for sale in the area are an extremely short drive away from the nearest highway, for instance Interstate 70. Dayton is not particularly conducive to all those who are travelling by foot as meeting the day to day needs are sometimes extremely difficult.

It is extremely convenient to access the nearest grocery stores by walking from just about any location in Dayton. There are numerous restaurants and coffee shops available for residents to enjoy also. When it comes to the education system in Dayton, property buyers are going to have access to primary schools on foot. However, when it comes to high schools, it will be more convenient if one used a car to commute.

The lively character of Dayton is further enhanced by the relaxed ambience it has to offer to its residents. The city is practically quiet and calm overall since there is a low level of noise from all the traffic. Even though there are some noisier areas, particularly the ones that are closer to the Interstate 75 and Interstate 70 or the railway lines and the airport. To conclude, most locations within this vibrant city have well spread out public green spaces for instance the Englewood Reserve and the Highview Hills Park. There are almost fifty green places for residents to visit which means getting to the closest park from most properties is extremely easy.

Single detached houses are the main type of housing that is the most popular here in Dayton. Apart from the houses there are also large apartments available for both purchase and rent. Dayton also has a fantastic selection of housing sizes options available to you. Properties can range from lofts to four and more bedrooms.